What is the best way to download the files from shared file hosting sites? Well we have a long list of available downloaders :

RapidShare Downloader
Rapidshare Auto Downloader

My pick out of these...None! Yea true, all these products while make tall promises but fall flat when reality strikes!

So which one should you use? JDownloader. JDownloader? Not what is that? I've not heard of it.
Well then read on, JDownloader is a Java based tool used for downloading from shared sites.
It's USP ->

Extremely easy to use: How do you add links to it? Just copy the link from your browser and bingo! it gets added automatically. And what's more, it checks the availability of links and see whether they are online or dead.

Automatic Captcha: It captures automatically those cryptic not so clearly visible code that you need to enter just before downloading via browser.

Support for infinite no. of website: Have your heard of bluehost.to or bigandfree.com? No? Even I didn't know it. But JDownloader does support it!!! There are around 100+ sites that it supports and it includes your favorite rapidshare, megaupload and uploading.com.

Daily Updates: Well not daily literally but very frequently almost once a week so your plugins (support of different websites) never gets outdated. Rapidshare changed the captcha? No worries plugin is also updated. Life goes on as usual.

Password Supported Archives: It allows you to add passwords to the archives (zip or rar) when you add the links, so you don't have to wonder later after the download what the hell was the password! And did I mention it unzips the file automatically as well.

Look n Feel: Well I've always been a fan of Java metal look n feel. And it also gives you and option to change your look n feel to any one of the tonnes available!

It works: Well what else do you want more. It works! No hassles. No crap!

So all in all 5 stars Go grab it from here: Download here: JDownloader

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